How to host a successful event in your salon

You should be using various marketing techniques to attract new customers into your business – one of them being hosting an in-salon event. The trend is gaining in popularity, although it’s normal to have doubts before deciding on throwing a party in the salon.

But, don’t fear, just follow my easy steps on how to host an awesome event.

How do I make it successful?

Addressing priorities should be your initial action – are you looking to attract new customers or engage existing ones? Then, create a theme that would be appealing to this group.

For example, if you’d like to encourage more men to visit your salon, why not host a football-related event and turn on the game? If you want to up your female clientele, why not stay open late and have a ladies night? Only the right kind of event will help you reach your desired audience.


What should I get in preparation?

A week before the party make a list of all the items you need, including appropriate decorations, food, beverages and extra supplies. Plan what music will be played during the event and make sure there are enough seats for your guests.

With everything in place, send out your invitations to clients and remind them to bring a friend.


How do I motivate my team?

Before your plan is set in motion discuss it with your team, informing them about the importance of the event and what you expect of them. The right communication between guests and your employees will be crucial here. Also, make sure to motivate your team for the hard work they put into taking care of the clients, for example, with a reward.


What should I do after the event?

After your event is a success, thank all your attendees – create “thank you” posts on social media and send out a bulk email to everyone that made it. Additionally, you can encourage them to visit your salon again with an attractive offer.

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