How to make sure your therapists practise safe waxing

Waxing treatment Q: Waxing is a physically demanding treatment. How can I make sure my therapists don’t overdo it?

With the correct training and standards you can prevent your therapists from injuring themselves through waxing. There are a few key things you can do to make sure staff practise safe waxing and don’t physically exhaust themselves.

A height-adjustable bed is ideal for therapists to ensure comfort when performing a treatment, avoiding back strain, while securing wax pot cables to the floor will prevent potential trip hazards. Long hair should be tied back securely to avoid getting caught in the wax as well as impairing vision, while flat shoes should be worn to help with therapists’ posture.

It may also be worthwhile to invest in a manoeuvrable trolley. It will allow the therapist to move the product to the area in which they are working, preventing spillage and promoting comfort while performing the treatment. However, if you do get a trolley, it is extremely important to ensure wires are covered to minimise trip hazards.

Ensuring the safety of both clients and staff is imperative with any beauty treatment, which is why training with a reputable brand is so important. All waxing courses include a section on health and safety to prepare therapists for performing treatments in a safe salon environment, playing a crucial part in providing a professional service.

Hygiene is also essential, from ensuring you have a sanitised work station and using hygienic pre- and post-wax products, to wearing a new pair of nitrile or vinyl gloves for each client.

Angie SandersonAngie Sanderson is lead educator for pro waxing brand Waxperts and education ambassador for nail brand CND, both of which are distributed by Sweet Squared. She also owns Angelic Beauty in Glasgow.