How to offer mindful eating in hotels or resorts

Published 26th Jun 2018 by PB Admin
How to offer mindful eating in hotels or resorts

Mindful eating can help us keep calm, clear-minded and focused on the task at hand, and there are a many ways in which hotels and resorts can incorporate it into their wellness programming. 

In the room: 

• The room service menu: Cater for nutritionally conscious clients by adding seasonal salads, wholesome soups, smoothies and juices to the room service menu. If you really want to impress, go local and organic. 

• A dedicated hotel TV channel: Create your own bespoke mindful eating channel. Start with information about what mindful eating is and how it can be implemented. Then take your guests through a few mindful eating exercises. 

• The mindful minibar: Make this an option. Swap the gin, chocolate and crisps for juices, nuts, dried fruit and other healthy snacks, and give your guests the option of requesting a seasonal fruit bowl when they book the room. 

In the spa: 

• The food: You should serve delicious, healthy dishes in the spa café, and ensure you have flavoured water to keep your guests hydrated. This could include water infused with rose petals, cucumber shavings, lemon and ginger or grapefruit and rosemary – depending on season. Replace caffeine and alcohol with herbal tea. 

• Nutrition guidance: Work with a registered nutritional therapist who is knowledgeable about mindful eating to offer packages such as a detox treatment combined with a nutrition consultation. 

For the team: 

• Educate your staff: In order to speak confidently about good nutrition, your team needs to understand it. Host sessions with a nutritionist and mindful eating expert to get your staff on-board, and consider offering them a one-on-one session with the expert. 

Nutritionist and psychotherapist Yvonne Wake is one of Aromatherapy Associates’ panel of wellbeing experts. Offering more than 30 years’ experience as a nutritionist, life and wellbeing coach, she is currently working with Aromatherapy Associates to help spas and salons deliver a 360° wellness concept. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 26th Jun 2018

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