New "Candied Lashes" service adds summer sparkle to Novalash line

Novalash has introduced new hand-made crystallised lash extensions, that add subtle glimmer and shimmer to the lash line. 

The range, which comes packaged like a box of chocolates, is comprised of 10 colours or “flavours” to choose from including Butterscotch, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Toast and Gumdrop, which makes it fun for clients when choosing which ones to wear.

The individual lashes are a great option for special events and holidays, especially those in the sun, although they can be applied to create a glamorous everyday look.

The bespoke add-on service can also help to increase profits with a recommended selling price of £10-£15 per service.

Candied Lashes Product

Novalash artist and brand ambassador Sarah-Anne Barham explains how the service is carried out in three simple steps.

1. Choosing a “flavour”

“The first step is to have clients choose one or two complementary colours, which is always exciting, like picking out a nail colour,” says Barham. “Depending on the look, either two or three Candied Lashes will be applied from the middle towards the outer corner of each eye.”

2. Customisation

“Each Candied Lash extensions is 14 millimetres in length so they should be cut to fit each client's natural lashes, which allows lash artists to create unique, customised looks. After I've decided where to place them, I measure them against the client’s natural lashes and cut the extensions appropriately, then set them aside,” explains Barham.

3. Application

“As I am nearing the end of my client's appointment, I then apply the Candied Lashes to the natural lashes that I have saved for them. The shimmer will last for about two weeks and they will shed with the natural lash just like other extensions,” Barham adds. “Even though the shimmer looks quite dramatic when the extensions are in the container, don't be afraid. Once they are blended into the lash line, the glimmer is super subtle and absolutely beautiful.”

Candied Lashes are available from Novalash by calling 01273 041966 or emailing

To become a certified Novalash artist, contact Novalash on 01237 041 966 or email

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