Lash artists – why you should be charging what you’re worth

Eyelash extension services are intricate, detailed and extremely technical. Lash artists go through rigorous training and months of practice while adhering to high standards of health and safety.

It’s important for professional lash artists to understand what their skills are worth so they can set pricing that reflects their months, even years, of practice and training. 

One of NovaLash’s core missions is to raise the standards of the lash extension industry by offering skills and exceptional products to lash artists so they may charge premium prices that reflect their high-quality work, in turn furthering the success of the lash extension industry.

Why you should charge what you’re worth

Sometimes lash artists undervalue their services and undercut competitors, which devalues lash extension services across the board and negatively affects the entire industry.

For skilled lash artists with training certifications behind them, NovaLash recommends charging at least £80 for a classic full set and £40 to £50 each month for infills, even in smaller markets.

Consumers see the value in long-lasting, quality results and are happy to pay a premium, even if the salon down the road charges less. So, how can lash artists raise their prices to reflect their skills and services without losing clients?

The first step is to ensure high service standards have been set and that your lash artists are offering 100% damage-free, long-wearing lash extensions. If the lash artist is not confident in their current standards, they should seek out additional training along with high-quality products. Investing in new knowledge and skills is always beneficial. 

How do I educate my clients?

The second step is to educate customers. This is key. Customers need to understand why and how their lashes are different from other services available. You can do this by:

Clients think their lash artists are magicians, transforming them in a blink of a lash nap, but, it’s not magic. It’s years of hard work, hours of education and high standards for health and safety.

So, start educating clients and adjust prices according to the talent and quality of services that are being offered. Raise the standards and push the industry forward.

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