Wonder product makes eyelash extensions oil and waterproof

Heather Hughes, UK director for professional lash brand Novalash, reveals how the brand’s Platinum Bond Adhesive keeps lashes in tip top condition no matter what oil-based skincare your client uses.

Recent reports have shown that there is a major increase in the use of facial oils by consumers. Oil-based cleansers and serums are finding their way into everyday skincare routines, but when it comes to lash extensions, most consumers are told to avoid oil-based products as the oil will affect the bond of extensions.

Enter oil-proof lash extension brand NovaLash. Our Platinum Bond adhesive is 100% oil-proof, so we encourage consumers to use their oil directly on and around their lashes as needed – no need to change their skincare regimen.

“A lot of my clients now use facial oils. They also wear lash extensions because they love the convenience of not having to wear eye make-up or mascara, but if I tell them they have to change their skincare routine then it takes the convenience out of wearing them,” says lash artist Andrea McQuade. “This is one of the reasons I use NovaLash in my salon.”

The oil is also instantly waterproof, allowing clients to immediately resume their activities after their lash appointment, whether that’s sitting in the sauna or using a cleansing oil that evening. As a bonus, Platinum Bond is rubberised, making lashes flexible, comfortable to wear and more durable.

So, what does all this mean? Well, lash extension clients can enjoy the facial oil trend and keep their extensions in tip top shape. Plus, with longer wear times, more convenience and easy maintenance, clients will remain loyal and satisfied. 

To become a certified Novalash Artist, contact NovaLash on 01237 041 966 or email contact@novalash.com

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