How to say no to clients asking for extensions that will damage their lashes

Q: How do I say no to clients asking for extensions that will damage their lashes?

Being a well-respected lash artist is about creating long-lasting results. However, for some clients, the look they want may not be possible, so managing expectations is an invaluable skill to learn.

An initial consultation is key to gathering information about your client’s expected outcomes and it’s at this point you need to avoid giving false expectations.

For example, if a client is being persistent that they want extra-long or thick extensions and you know this is not suitable for their natural lashes, say no, explain why and then offer an alternative look that will work better.

As a lash artist, you understand the difference between a set of extensions that would damage a client’s natural lashes versus a set that would not, so make sure to educate your clients about this.

Spend time telling them about extension sizes, diameters, weights and how different looks are created, and don’t give in to pressure. Remember, you’re the trained professional.

Zachary Falb

Zachary Falb is global master trainer for professional lash brand Novalash, where he works towards raising health and safety standards in the lash extension industry.