5 lash extension myths busted

Published 25th Apr 2018 by PB Admin
5 lash extension myths busted

Even though lash extensions have been a popular treatment for many years, there are still misconceptions about the service, with a lot of misinformation being given.

Novalash eyelash extensions were developed by chief executive Sophy Merszei with a team of physicians and scientists from the University of Houston and Baylor College of Medicine. The goal was to produce and perfect the safest possible products and techniques for eyelash extension services.

These techniques and products challenge many of the general misconceptions beauty therapists and consumers have heard about lash extensions.

Here are 5 common lash extension myths and how Novalash combat them:

  1. Clients need to give their lashes a break from extensions

    If the lash artist is properly educated and using a technique that does not damage natural lashes then a break is never needed. We have a safe, physician-developed technique for this reason.

    Educated lash artists will only apply extensions that their client’s natural lashes can support. For example, if a client has thin, short natural lashes, the artist will choose thinner, shorter extensions so not to harm the natural lashes.

    Secondly, if a lash artist uses a technique that allows natural lashes to grow normally then clients will never need a break, they can infill lashes each month for as long as desired.

  1. Lash extensions make natural lashes shorter

    Natural lashes have a predetermined length. When taking extensions off, clients are used to seeing themselves with longer lashes and some may think their natural lashes are shorter than before.

    We recommend taking before photos and keeping them on file so that clients can see their natural lashes are the same as before.


Lashes Novalash

  1. You need to be super careful with lash extensions

    Novalash extensions are extremely durable, meaning you can rub your eyes and wear make-up and remove it as usual. Our Platinum Bond adhesive is rubberised, so extensions flex with natural lashes and only come off with the natural lash when it sheds.


  1. Clients must wait 24 hours before having a shower or getting their lashes wet

    Novalash extensions are immediately waterproof after application. In fact, our extensions are cured with a light mist of water. Clients can continue their normal routines after their appointment and lash artists should encourage their clients to do so. 

  1. Avoid oil at all costs

    Novalash extensions are oil-proof and thrive when in contact with oil. Our cleanLASH pads contain pomegranate seed oil and are used nightly as part of regular maintenance to cleanse, condition and remove make-up. Lash artists do not have to tell clients to stop using oil-based products.

There you have it. Novalash clients can toss all the above myths aside and have extensions that are easier and more convenient to wear.

Our techniques and award-winning Platinum Bond adhesive no doubt plays a big role in providing more durable, hassle-free lash extensions. These two things make a winning combination for salons, spas and mobile lash artists.

To become a certified Novalash artist, contact Novalash on 01237 041 966 or email [email protected]

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Images (top to bottom): ©Andrea Dopico Caban and Prem Malhotra

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 25th Apr 2018

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