Advertising your lash extension services to the male market

Published 12th Mar 2018 by PB Admin
Advertising your lash extension services to the male market

While the beauty industry is heavily focused on treatments for women, more and more men are booking appointments for waxes, spray tans and manicures. The men’s grooming and beauty industry in 2015 was reported to have had a 300% increase, which has been steadily growing since, while the male industry is currently estimated to be worth more than $50 billion. 

From looking at this data it would be a missed opportunity not to advertise to the male market. As lash extensions become increasingly popular, I suspect we’ll start seeing more men wanting to enhance their lash line with extensions, but as lash artists we need to adjust our services and our marketing with guys in mind.

Lash artists should first establish what their male clients are seeking when considering lash extensions and then apply them accordingly. For any customers who are apprehensive, a free consultation prior to making the appointment could be offered to go through the process and to learn more about what they are hoping to get out of the service, putting them at ease to book.

I’d recommend adding lash extensions for men on the treatment menu to let them know this service is an option for them, eliminating any embarrassment or hesitation in asking for them. It also indicates that "male lash extensions" are different from the standard extensions applied to women.

So, just how should a lash artist apply lash extensions to their male clients’ lashes? Some men want to define their eyes to give a stronger presence. They don’t necessarily want to look feminine. I recommend that lash artists practice on a few friends before offering this service. I was used to adding lots of length and drama to my female clients, so when I did my first male client it was a bit challenging adapting my techniques.

Unless they ask for a little bit of length, I recommend matching extensions to the length of their natural lashes, which usually means using lengths 6mm to 10mm. Only use curly extensions if their natural lashes are quite curly. Otherwise "J" and "B" curls work well.

Some lash artists may be tempted to apply a half set, but this would mean clients would have to come back more frequently for infills, so discuss this first. If they want low maintenance lashes, apply a full set. It is possible to keep the set looking super natural while bonding all the natural lashes.

The beauty industry is constantly changing and lash artists can be a part of this change to be inclusive when it comes to men wanting great lashes. By opening up options to the male market, lash artists can create another avenue for success and revenue.  

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Image: ©Lashes by Sarah-Anne Barham 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 12th Mar 2018


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