How to promote party make-up to mature clients

A fundamental part of being a successful make-up artist is tailoring your services to clients’ needs. Your customers should be at ease knowing that their make-up artist is capable of delivering a bespoke service depending on their skin type, colour and age, as well as the event that they are attending. 

Promoting your service as an all-round experience is just as important as promoting your products, skills and expertise. Not all makeovers have to be the full-on glam that we see on social media and this is especially important when working with, and marketing to, a more mature audience. As skin matures, make-up routines should evolve and the key is to enhance client’s best features while providing a radiant, youthful finish. 

Using cream products on mature skin can instantly add a youthful glow and make the skin appear supple. Kryolan has just launched a collection of cosmetic counter displays with a range of products to suit all skin types and ages. Investing in a comprehensive range will also help you target and promote your party make-up services to the more mature demographic.

 Gemma Horner is Kryolan’s head of education and part of the Kryolan Pro Team. She works internationally on high-fashion, editorial, theatre, bodypainting and camouflage make-up.