6 skills you need to make it as a tanning brand ambassador

Published 28th Mar 2018 by PB Admin
6 skills you need to make it as a tanning brand ambassador

1. Raise your profile to get noticed

“In 2014, as my mobile tanning business, Abbie’s Beauty Company, grew in popularity in London and Essex (the main areas I cover), I started tanning celebrity clients, including some of the cast of reality TV show TOWIE. Professional tanning brand Crazy Angel approached me to see if I would become a spokesperson for the company. I was already using the products and really believed in the efficacy of them, plus my clients loved the results.”

2. Find a brand you love

“In this type of role, it’s a common misconception that if you use a brand it’s because you’re being paid to, but I was using Crazy Angel way before I took the position. Over the years, I’ve tried lots of tanning solutions but none I’ve liked as much as this. You have to believe in the products.”

3. Be prepared to be versatile

“The job is fun but requires a lot of hard work. Not only do you attend tradeshows and exhibitions around the world, performing demos and promoting the benefits of the brand’s products, but you’re also asked to do a lot of private work.

“I’m now one of the main tanning specialists for TOWIE and have tanned TV presenters such as Holly Willoughby and Carol Vorderman. I’ve also done editorial shoots for The Sun and Heat magazine.”

4. Nerves are part of the job

“It’s OK to be nervous. I can do a tan in a few minutes but if it takes you 20 to 30 minutes, don’t worry. Clients, especially celebs, don’t mind waiting if they get the perfect tan. Start by spraying a section, then stand back and look at it. If you’re happy, carry on, if not, go over the areas you’ve missed. Once you’ve built up your confidence you’ll be amazing at what you do.”

5. Manage your time wisely

“Being a brand ambassador requires a certain level of flexibility to go to events, which means I sometimes have to jiggle my personal client appointments around, so time management is key. I’m lucky because my customers are loyal and don’t mind me shifting things if need be.

“I see 40 to 50 people per week on average and recently I had 38 people on a waiting list trying to get an appointment. My mobile business hours are 7am to midnight Monday to Thursday, but sometimes I don’t get home until 1am. If you have your own business and also want to be a brand ambassador, be prepared to work hard.”

6. Believe in what you do

“One thing I’ve found hard is the stigma that can be attached to being a beauty therapist or tanning specialist. People imply that it’s not a proper career. When starting out, I faced this type of criticism a lot and didn’t know how to deal with it, but as my client base grew, so did my confidence.

“Now, with years of experience under my belt and a belief that I’m good at what I do, I’m able to stand up to people who have these misconceptions. Tanning is a skill set and one that can get your business booming.”

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 28th Mar 2018

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