Male grooming how to: waxing eyebrows

Q: What are the golden grooming rules when waxing a guy’s eyebrows?

There can be a tendency to overwork male brows and make them too thin, feminine and arched, which is a shame as male eyebrows can be thick and still look groomed. I always say, think trim, not thin.

For most men, the aim is to keep their brows looking groomed, tidy and natural-looking. The best way to achieve this look is to work in small sections so you can keep checking the symmetry between the brows.

You also need to work above as well as below the brows, but stick to taking hair from just outside the main shape. Don’t be tempted to take too much away in the centre between the brows either.

Hot wax is perfect for brow waxing as it gives a soft finish without the harsh lines that strip waxes can leave. It’s also ideal to use with other facial waxing due to its lower temperature and use with a pre-wax oil, which creates a barrier between the skin and the wax, preventing bruising and lifting.

Some men can have particularly thick or long brow hairs, so brushing them in the natural direction of hair growth and then trimming them with scissors to take away a bit of the density can also help shape the overall look.

Angie SandersonAngie Sanderson is lead educator for waxing brand Wax:one, which is distributed by Sweet Squared, and owns salon Angelic Hair & Beauty in Glasgow.

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