How to market your beauty salon’s male waxing treatments

Published 21st May 2020 by PB Admin
How to market your beauty salon’s male waxing treatments

We spoke to some of the UK's top waxers on how to bring more men into your salon for a wax treatment and how to market male waxing services in the right way.

8 ways to successfully market male waxing treatments:

1. Make your pricing fair

“When we first opened, it was a little more expensive for a male wax than a female wax because I thought it was more specialist. As time went on, I realised this wasn’t true and that it went against my beliefs,” says Kerri-Ann Angus, owner of Peaches Salons and the Peaches Academy.

“One of the best things we did was bring all the prices for similar treatments, regardless of gender, on to the same level.”

2. Market yourself in the right places

“Advertise in places where male customers are likely to be, such as gyms and fitness clubs, and look at what sort of local businesses surround your salon,” says Lisa Stone, Salon System educator. “Perhaps you could swap cards with the local barber shop and cross-promote each other?”

3. Go through your loyal female clients

“Tell all your female clients that you are branching out into male waxing as word-of-mouth is so powerful and you may well find that your female clients will be the ones encouraging the men in their lives to visit you,” says Laura Jones, marketing manager at Sienna X.

4. Tailor your online presence 

“Make sure to check your website and social media, and make them a little more welcoming for men,” explains Angus.

“Ask for and share reviews from your male clients and, when you’re sending out marketing emails, target the guys specifically and speak to them in the ways they speak with each other.”

5. Don't make men feel excluded

“Going into salons is not going to make all guys feel that comfortable. Looking around yours and making it a bit more gender-neutral is important, and it doesn’t have to mean the waiting room can’t be pretty anymore,” says Angus.

“However, with treatment rooms, focus on professionality and a clinical aesthetic that’s not related to gender.” 

6. But respect individuality

“With brows, for example, some guys like a clean finish and others like it to be left a bit rough and ready. Everyone’s different. Try to meet each male client’s individual expectations by asking them beforehand what they would like as a finish,” says Jenny Hunter, head of education for Waxu.

7. Be upfront

“You need to explain what’s involved in the treatment and provide clear instructions, for instance what clothing needs removing and the purpose of the wet wipes in the room,” adds Hunter.

“Let them know the common don'ts for the next 24 to 48 hours beforehand, like no gym or swimming and no tight clothing, so that they don’t feel lied to.”

8. Offer discounts

“Offers and discount codes are also a great way to entice clients, and treatment packages work well, especially for seasonal dates like Valentine’s and Father’s Day,” says Stone.

Do you know these 8 crucial things about intimate waxing? Test yourself now. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 21st May 2020

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