Male waxing – what to consider before your first client

Published 15th Feb 2018 by PB Admin
Male waxing – what to consider before your first client

“While the market for male waxing continues to grow, it is still a largely untapped source of income for many salons,” says David Sneddon, project manager at waxing brand Hive of Beauty.

“For the uninitiated male client, a salon visit can present a daunting array of choices and take some completely out of their comfort zone.” If you’ve always been a predominantly female salon, introducing male waxing for the first time could seem daunting. Before you book in your first male client there are few things to consider. 

Prepare the salon

  • “Think about your décor – did you originally decorate with women in mind? Try to choose neutral colours on your walls and make treatment rooms feel modern and unisex,” says Tracey Smith, director of Depileve distributor Ashmara.

  • “Visiting a salon full of women can be an intimidating experience for men, especially if it’s also their first wax. Talk to therapists and reception staff about professionalism and making men feel comfortable in the salon, treating them as they would any other client,” advises Smith.

Explain everything

  • “Not all male clients will assume a salon would provide waxing services designed for men, so it is essential to reach out to the market and let them know what you can offer,” says Sneddon. “Don’t assume that prospective clients will know exactly what they want or what a treatment entails. Take the mystery out by providing a short description of different treatment on any literature – this will also save clients from any embarrassment in having to ask uncomfortable questions in person.” 
  • Smith agrees that being clear is key: “Put your client at ease by explaining the exact procedure for the treatment and carry it out with as much confidence as you would a female wax,” she says. “Men are very loyal customers – if you treat them right and make them feel comfortable you’ll have a customer for life, and one that will hopefully spread the word to his friends.”

Consider pricing

  • “A full leg wax on a male client is likely to take much more time and effort than a female client because of leg size and the volume and thickness of hair,” says Sneddon, and your pricing should reflect that. “Offering some free treatments to male clients while you’re getting started will help therapists gauge how much wax they have to use, how much time different treatments take, and how many consumables they use, such as wax strips.”

The right tools

  • “Using the right type wax for male services is imperative. The wax needs to really adhere to thick, coarse male hair in order to make removal less painful and minimise trauma,” says Smith.
  • “Waxing large areas of coarse hair can be timely and tiring. To help, experiment with the type of wax strip you use. Strips that are slightly longer than standard will provide more coverage and the additional length helps create a smoother action for the therapist, proving to be more economical all round,” suggests Sneddon.
  • “Make sure you give good preparation advice upon booking (again, especially if this is their first wax), and aftercare advice, instructing your client to keep the area well moisturised, to exfoliate once or twice a week with an effective but gentle scrub or mitt, and to use an ingrown hair treatment,” says Smith.

 Smart marketing

  • “Don’t forget to incorporate your new male services into your marketing to help you get noticed. This could be through social media, email marketing and within the salon,” says Laura Jones, marketing manager at Sienna X.
  • She adds: “Tell all your female clients that you’re branching out into male waxing – word of mouth is so powerful and you may well find that your female clients will be the ones encouraging the men in their lives to visit you.” 

Easy sell

  • “On the whole, men are great to retail to because having products recommended to them takes away the guesswork. You’re making the great treatment you’ve just done even better by helping them to keep their skin at its best, and they’re far more likely to return for another wax if the area looks better for longer,” says Smith.

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PB Admin

Published 15th Feb 2018


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