Marian Newman on nail salon standards and preparing to reopen

We may have been in lockdown, but that didn’t stop Salon Services catching up with session tech and nail industry expert Marian Newman for their new Salon Secrets podcast.

The team called Newman at her home and chatted to her about life, and work, for nail technicians when the industry reopens.

In this podcast episode, Newman talks about her work with the British Beauty Council on co-writing its Return to Work guidelines for nail salons and mobile nail technicians; raising prices to cover the cost of PPE as well as finding new clients. 

Newman says, “I really believe it is a new and bright future. What has happened [means] such a focus has come back to health and safety standards; namely hygiene standards and good working practices. If you haven’t got those, you can’t open. I think the client is going to show what they think with their purse.”

You can listen to Salon Services' Salon Secrets Podcast with Marian here or search for it on your usual podcast platform.

The team at Salon Services would love to know your thoughts, and are inviting beauty and nail professionals to get in touch with them via their social media channels, including their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with suggestions of who you’d like to hear from on their next Salon Secrets podcast.

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