Matching your client's brow tint to their hair colour: from bleach blonde to fiery red

Published 27th May 2021 by PB Admin
Matching your client's brow tint to their hair colour: from bleach blonde to fiery red

Eyebrow styling is not only about being able to create the right shape for your clients, but it's also about achieving the right colour for the brows too. When choosing a shade of eyebrow tint for your client, it’s so important to think about their hair colour and skin tone. 

It isn’t just about selecting a brown or black, tones also need to be considered to achieve the perfect colour that is bespoke to each client. Recognised as the “hairdressers of the lash world”, professional brand RefectoCil is providing more than an eyebrow tint, it is offering a custom colour and tinting experience. 

With the most extensive colour palette available, brow and lash techs can blend shades and create a unique colour for clients.

How do I achieve a custom colour in brow tint treatments?

Gone are the days when a simple black or brown tint is sufficient, clients are now requesting more fashion and celebrity-inspired looks. RefectoCil tints allow beauty therapists to match brows to dyed hair colour so any treatment can be tailored – brows can be as dramatic or as natural as clients wish. Natural or dyed redheads will absolutely love the vibrant Red and Chestnut tints. 

Why are bleached brows trending and how can I achieve the look?

With bleached brows set to be a big trend for 2021, RefectoCil’s unique Blonde Brow is specifically designed to lighten and brighten darker brows. It can lighten untreated brows by to up three shades, so it’s perfect for clients with dyed blonde hair whose natural colour is black or brown. For those clients that want to make an impact with their brows, it can be used as a pre-tint to enhance the final colour results.

How can I train up in bespoke brow and lash tinting?

For experienced lash and brow artists who are looking to advance their tinting skills and technique, the online RefectoCil Custom Colour course will give you the confidence and knowledge to ensure you always make the correct colour choices for your client’s needs. The course focuses on colour transformation, how to cover stubborn grey hairs and brow trends. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th May 2021

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