PB North speaker on how to ask your boss for a pay rise

Q: How do I ask my boss to give me a pay rise? 

If you’ve been working at the salon for a long time, it’s natural to feel you should be earning a little more money, but how can you get your boss to agree?

Consistency is the key to being noticed and rewarded. Turn up for work on time, stay in the business long enough to build up a loyal, regular clientele, and educate yourself daily on the latest product and treatment trends that your clients are watching on social media. 

Once you establish yourself as a reliable and knowledgeable individual, your clients will be desperate to fill your column and invest in the advice you give them. As for your boss, they will see that you’re an asset they want to keep, which is your time to have the conversation about pay. 

It may be the case that your boss wants to promote you but running the business is costly, and as an employer they need to make sure the salon is protected, putting money aside for expensive hiccups that will need urgent attention, which can take away from promotions. 

Until you have a chat with your boss about pay, why not look at other opportunities to earn more for yourself and the salon. Commissions, bonuses and incentives are there to motivate you and top up your pay. 

Louise McFadzeanLouise McFadzean is founder and managing director of Zest Skin Spa in Edinburgh and The Edinburgh School of Beauty.

She will be talking about “How to get your boss to give you a pay rise” as part of the Business Skills Stage 2 at PB North on October 21. Get your ticket to the show here