PB Webinars: managing different personalities and how to be an award-winning salon

This week’s PB Webinar line-up (July 27–31) is delivering first-class education on a range of subjects with some of the best names in the business.

This week, consultant Penny Etheridge will be giving you the lowdown on how to manage the different personality types in your team and how to motivate these individuals, while we will also be having an exclusive webinar with leading hair and beauty businesses on how to win some of the industry’s biggest awards. 


What to expect from this week’s PB Webinar line-up (July 27–31):


Tuesday 28 July – 11:30am – Live webinar with Penny Etheridge – The art of communication: managing different personality types in your team 

Radiant Hair and Beauty Consultancy’s Penny Etheridge will reveal her top tips for communicating effectively with the different personality types in your salon/spa team and how to motivate these individuals. Etheridge will delve into the four main personality types and explain how you should tailor your managerial style to get the best out of your team, covering when to take a direct and indirect approach with communication. There will also be a 15-minute audience Q&A at the end. 


Wednesday 29 July – 10am – Live webinar panel with Tima Reshad, Rebecca Griffiths and Sean Dawson – "How to be an award-winning business”

Our award-winning panel, which includes Tima Reshad, director of Coco Nail Bar, London; Rebecca Griffiths, owner of The Secret Spa, Wrexham; and Sean Dawson, general manager of Adam Reed London, will share the secrets of their success, covering the multiple benefits of entering awards, how to create a standout entry, and how winning or reaching the finals can help to boost your client numbers, profits and profile. There will also be a 15-minute audience Q&A. 

Thursday 30 July – 3pm – Live webinar with Anna Nickless – “Motivating your team and raising morale upon reopening”

Anna Nickless, co-director of AB Beauty Consultancy, shares how salon and spa owners can keep team members motivated when they reopen, covering how to raise morale in the team as therapists work longer hours and work all day in personal protective equipment (PPE). There will also be a 15-minute audience Q&A.

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