PB Webinars: managing your mental health and summer spray tanning know how

PB Webinars this week cover a broad selection of the beauty industry, from managing your mental health as a salon owner with Sam Pearce to an educational 101 on how to bespoke summer spray tans with St.Tropez Skin Finishing Expert Michaella Bolder.  

Sam Pearce, founder of PB Award-winning The Potting Shed Spa, will be offering advice on how salon and spa owners can bounce back during the coronavirus pandemic when struggling with their mental health; while pro waxers Andy Rouillard, aka The Wax Daddy, and Lisa Stone, Salon System’s waxing expert, answer your burning waxing troubleshooting questions. 

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What to expect from this week’s PB Webinar line-up (June 3–5):


Wednesday 3 June – 3pm– Live webinar with Andy Rouillard and Lisa Stone – “Your most common waxing questions answered”

Pro waxers Andy Rouillard (aka The Wax Daddy), owner of Axiom Bodyworks and Axiom Wax Academy, and Lisa Stone, Salon System’s waxing expert, answer your burning questions about all things waxing in this bare-all webinar, from common troubleshooting issues, to the right positions to use in treatment and how to nail aftercare advice to avoid pesky ingrown hairs. This webinar is sponsored by Salon System

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Thursday 4 June – 3pm – Live webinar with Sam Pearce – “Salon owners: how to bounce back and be resilient when struggling with your mental health”

Sam Pearce, founder of PB Award-winning The Potting Shed Spa in Batley, will explain how to manage and protect your mental health when your salon reopens, covering the best tools and techniques to use to stay mentally healthy and how to recover from immense issues out of your control for the greater good. Pearce will draw on her own experiences during this session and will take part in a 15-minute audience Q&A at the end.


Friday 5 June –4pm – Instagram Live with Michaella Bolder – “Summer tanning 101: how to bespoke spray tans, featuring St.Tropez Purity Vitamins and more”

Michaella Bolder, celebrity facialist and St.Tropez Skin Finishing Expert, will be delivering a summer spray tanning 101 in this week’s Instagram Live session, covering the importance of personalisation in treatment, how to bespoke spray tans for every client skin type, and the common troubleshooting issues you could face. She will also be talking about St.Tropez’s new Purity Vitamins range and why it’s the ideal solution to invest in to deliver dreamy summer tans in salon all the time. This Instagram Live is sponsored by St.Tropez

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