How do photo-dynamic therapy treatments work?

Published 06th Apr 2020 by PB Admin
How do photo-dynamic therapy treatments work?

Photo-Dynamic Therapy is much more than an LED treatment; it's based on skin stimulation, rejuvenation and repair. It's non-invasive, had no downtime and delivers luxurious holistic therapy combined with a medical-grade treatment to offer a combination of wellbeing and visible results.

How does photo-dynamic therapy work?

The "photo" part involves the application of high-density LED light waves to stimulate energy and other biological processes within the skin, much like the process of photosynthesis in plants. The light waves trigger the natural skin function thanks to the creation of energy within it. This treatment works your clients' skin form the inside, out. 

"Dynamic" refers to the application of light-activated skincare ingredients. For the first time in the beauty industry, this technology can now be used o multiply the effects of the high-density LED light waves to deliver active ingredients into your clients' skin. These work at the same depth as the light waves (the photo part of the treatment).

"Therapy" describes the combination of this holistic approach, along with medical-grade technology: a combination that gives luxurious treatment with instant and progressive results.

But it doesn’t stop there. The results can be multiplied again with the use of at-home Treatment Boosts. These harness potent plant stem cell technology and can be sold to clients for use at home during a programme of treatments, keeping their skin function high and results maximised.

Photo-dynamic therapy in pictures

How photo-dynamic therapy can treat different skin conditions

You can treat your client's face independently from their neck and décolleté. This means you could treat sensitivity or rosacea on the face and signs of ageing on the neck and décolleté, for example – all in the same treatment at the same time. It's your choice of any combination.

Plant stem cell technology

Katherine Daniels has introduced Plasma Rich Cell Factors, in both its salon Concentrates and home-use Treatment Boosts. The brand's new generation of plant stem cell technology uses cells from the most potent part of the plant – the root. Katherine Daniles' cosmetic scientists created this technique and grow the next generation of stem cells without growing a full plant, creating active ingredients to deliver the best results.

About Katherine Daniels

Between them, Katherine Daniels founders Kirsti Shuba and Donna Tait have over 65 years' industry experience, and both have an in-depth knowledge of skincare. “We’re proud to bring you Photo-Dynamic Therapy, a beauty Industry first. Until now our technology has only been offered by doctors and dermatologists. We’d be delighted to share our vision with you and help your clients achieve Better Skin for Life”. 

Find out more about Katherine Daniels Photo-dynamic therapy here. 

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PB Admin

Published 06th Apr 2020

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