Beauty salon email marketing during coronavirus – do’s and don’ts

Beauty salons and spas offer places of solace and sanctuary to those who visit, and with your door sign temporarily spun to “closed”, it’s possible that your clients are feeling a little adrift. Right now, they need you more than ever, which is why it’s crucial you get your beauty business’s email marketing right during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although you can’t communicate with them in the usual way (face-to-face), regular emails are the perfect way to stay in touch and keep them updated with what you’re doing and the new virtual services you’re offering.

How often should I email clients during coronavirus?

While in coronavirus lockdown, you should be emailing your client base more than you usually would because so many people are stuck at home. 

The average person tends to get more than 140 emails a day, according to LifeWire, so there is a slim chance your clients will see everything you send. Therefore, sending two-to-three informative emails a week is ideal.

However, consistency is key, so you have to maintain that level of communication going forward. Many clients will anticipate your emails, providing you offer something worth reading.

Most salon owners are worried about bombarding clients but you need to make sure your business stays in the forefront of their mind. 

What information should I put in my emails during lockdown?

The key is to share news and information, as well as connect and entertain your clients. Your emails should be a virtual representation of the client’s experience when they visit you in salon – it needs personality. They come to your business because they like you, so get your face out there and try to write how you speak. 

Include blogs, videos and tutorials of you sharing your beauty expertise, including helpful tips that clients can do at home. For example, tell them how to safely remove gel-polish or maintain their brows during this time of crisis because they will be so thankful for your help. Open up the conversation too by asking them to send ideas about what other helpful tips they would like from you. 

Also, ask how they’re coping in lockdown while telling them what you’ve been up to, for example, how you’re keeping busy, as people want the human element, to feel connected. Most of all it’s important to maintain a relationship with them. Your clients’ lives have been turned upside down, too.


How can I generate revenue through these emails?

Just because you can’t deliver treatments it doesn’t mean you can’t still be bringing in income and emails are a wonderful platform to do this from. Advertise in your newsletters online skin consultations using a free system like Zoom, so you can talk to clients face-to-face, and follow up with a customised retail skincare package which you can post to their house.

Also, provide educational videos sharing your in-depth knowledge for a small fee. It’s also worth creating unique vouchers to sell online to customers ready for when your salon or spa re-opens.


What should I include in my email subject line?

With so many emails arriving in your clients’ inboxes, make sure your subject line is catchy and to the point. Clients will only see the first few words of the subject line when it arrives in their inbox, so be clear, concise and intriguing. 

For example, “5 amazing ways to look younger during lockdown” is a much more exciting subject line than “Here are some beauty tips”. 

Hollie Power Hollie Power is a beauty business mentor, having created Salonology in 2014 with her husband Ryan. She is also the owner of The Forever Gorgeous Day Spa in Bournemouth.

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