35% of people say pubic grooming habits are a relationship deal breaker

A recent study by American skincare specialist Advanced Dermatology found that that the front groin is the most groomed area across both sexes, with 68% of women and 32% of men taking part in regular maintenance of their nether regions.

The survey, which was taken by 2,000 people, asked why and where we keep ourselves preened.

A surprising 66% of people surveyed said they were happy to discuss their grooming habits with their partner, although only 28% have ever requested their other half to switch up their preening preferences.

For 84% of those that answered, their friends and partners influence their grooming habits. Additionally, 61% of women are influenced by siblings and 33% are influenced by their friends, whereas 88% of men said they were influenced by porn.

80% of women said that they felt embarrassed by ungroomed body parts, whereas only 48% of men felt the same.

Only 35% claimed unkempt private parts factored into their desires, with 70% saying that a natural look was a deal breaker and 30% saying a completely hairless look would put them off.

The most popular method of hair removal across both sexes was shaving, although when it comes to eyebrows, waxing and plucking are the most common choices.