Q Hair and Beauty Salon in Chichester invests in dementia training for staff

Q Hair and Beauty salon in Chichester has invested in dementia training for its staff as part of a pioneering new charity project.

Joining forces with the recently formed local Dementia Support project, Q Hair and Beauty has agreed to make sure its salon is dementia-friendly in as many ways as possible.

Taking on the role of “Dementia Champion”, the business’s Courtyard Salon area will be reserved exclusively for dementia patients and their carers one morning every week and the business will be hosting several imaginative fundraising events for the charity going forward.

Many of the salon’s therapists have also signed up to become Dementia Friends.

“Our philosophy is to regard everyone who comes to the salon as guests rather than clients,” said managing director Dawn Lawrence-Grant.

“We’ve learnt a lot from Sabine Margarson [Dementia Support’s project director] about how we can help make sure that people with dementia and their carers receive the warmest of welcomes and feel secure and cared-for throughout their visit. The progressive approach of Dementia Support is what we’re excited about and to be involved at the outset is a huge privilege.”

The salon, based on North Street, is one of the city’s first businesses to take on the role of Dementia Champion.

Image: Sabine Margarson (left) and Dawn Lawrence-Grant (right).