Reviewed: Novalash's Advanced American Volume course

Georgia Seago went along to the Novalash American Volume training course to try her hand at lash artistry

Course: Advanced American Volume

Location: Wigmore Medical, Wigmore Street, London

Duration: One day

Price: £650 including products worth more than £200 and unlimited personal coaching

Open to: Professionally trained lash artists who have been applying extensions for at least six months

My lash instructor for the day was Zachary Falb, Novalash’s international business and training coordinator, who believes Novalash can make a lash artist out of anyone. There was just one other student on the course, an advanced lash artist from Switzerland called Irina who wants to be the first to bring American Volume to the country. Falb tells me he keeps his classes to no more than four students in order to give everyone the attention they need and create a relaxed, intimate learning environment.

We spent the first two hours talking through the training manual written by Sophia Navarro, international advanced trainer and one of the US’s top lash artists. It’s thorough but concise enough not to be confusing, and offers clear instructions for both visual and verbal learners. In Falb’s words, Novalash services provide an “upscale, high-end complement to your natural beauty”, and the technique focuses on thick, fluffy but natural-looking lashes that darken the lash line for a pretty flutter rather than look-at-me glam. The application process works with the client’s natural lash growth cycle to keep them healthy and strong, while the extensions continue to look balanced when they start to shed.

Falb shared personal tips and tricks throughout the theory session and welcomed questions – it was more a discussion than a class. This relaxed atmosphere made getting to grips with the practical elements much easier. We practised creating “fans” of up to eight lashes and then advanced on to dipping them in glue and fixing them to the backs of our hands. Before we broke for lunch, Falb went through the retail products offered by Novalash and gave some great advice on upselling and retail strategy.

After lunch a model arrived for my fellow student Irina to work on, with Falb demonstrating the technique first and giving precise guidance throughout. I had a go on Novalash’s PR Samara Ullmann, who very bravely let me attempt to stick extensions to her actual eyelashes. I didn’t quite achieve this but Falb – who has the patience of a saint – sat with me and went over creating fans again and again until I became more confident.

Irina impressed Falb so much that he suggested she had a go at creating just over half a set for me and I’m so happy with the result – subtle, fluffy and fluttery lashes that give me enough confidence to go make-up free. There are a few notable differences between Novalash and other extension brands; Novalash has a machine called AirNova, which uses air and a light mist of water to dry the lashes (the glue is moisture-reactive). It also relieves any irritation or stinging that may occur. The special glue means clients don’t have to worry about keeping their lashes dry, and can use oil-based cleansers without risk of damage or loosening the adhesive.

To pass the course, students have to complete five case studies, which they arrange themselves, and submit images to Falb. He is on call for support throughout. I was genuinely impressed by the standard of education and guidance during the one-day course. Novalash’s focus on health and safety, together with Falb’s warmth and expertise, makes this a course I’d definitely go for in another life as a pro lash artist. 

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