Kettering beauty salon launches make-up masterclasses for cancer patients

Bellissimo Beauty and Training Academy in Kettering is launching a series of brow masterclasses for cancer patients who have lost their hair but can’t get semi-permanent make-up. 

Owner Jade Natalie came up with the initiative after her friend and aunt both lost their hair undergoing chemotherapy treatment, which completely knocked their confidence. 

The classes will take place in the salon weekly teaching women the skills to do their eyebrows using make-up, providing each attendee with a kit to use. 

"Losing your hair, brows and lashes destroys confidence. When you have cancer you can’t have any type of microblading when you're undergoing chemotherapy because your immune system is weak and you can't heal,” Natalie told the Northamptonshire Telegraph.

“The only other option is to draw them on but it can be really difficult if you're used to having your brows maintained by someone else.” 

The masterclasses will officially open in October.

You can find out more on the salon’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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