Software innovations that will help you grow your salon business post-pandemic

As we try to navigate a post-pandemic world, now more than ever salons and spas should look to software systems and technology to help streamline, organise, and strengthen their businesses. 

From new deposit schemes which help to prevent those dreaded client no-shows, to updated features that make online booking a seamless process for customers and fresh consultation forms that can be customised to suit any beauty business’s needs, these latest updates in salon and spa software will help grow your business for the better through the pandemic and beyond. 

However, sometimes it can be daunting getting to grips with new features, but never fear. We uncover the most exciting updates from the top tech websites and apps, explain how they work and reveal how they can help streamline your business so that you can make the right decision for you. 


[Sponsored content] One of the best salon software innovations to invest in:

Phorest Online Deposits SchemePhorest Online Deposits Scheme

As most owners will attest, empty slots within a salon’s daily schedule can devastate businesses, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic when many are trying to rebuild.

Proven to drop customer no-shows from a previous 5.4% to a significant 1.9%, Phorest’s recently launched Online Deposits Scheme allows for the safeguarding of bookings as clients are more likely to show up if they’ve paid a deposit.

Another new software function is Custom Fees, where you can charge extra fees fixed or automatic – to a client’s account for services such as charity donations, personal protective equipment (PPE) and plastic bag costs.

Other suppliers: 

Shortcuts has launched an improved version of the app – Shortcuts 8.1 – which offers a more intuitive experience, including one-touch action buttons, group checkout, and improved visibility on service and wait times – ideal for managing footfall post-lockdown.

Timley’s most recent addition to its software service is eConsult, which is an online consultation form template that allows salons to create bespoke forms for each treatment or client.

Premier’s new software, titled “Salon”, integrates with Salonspy to display reviews following a verified appointment, with the business automatically sending a review link via SMS for the client to fill out.

Beu App allows self-employed and employed salon staff to work smoothly together in the same business – online bookings can be easily taken, and the client will feel like you know their preferences inside-out because the service stores all customer notes for access anytime. 

iSalon’s latest software version – iSalon 12.2 – includes improvements such as a rebooking reminder that stores the services the customer previously received to make rebooking easier, receipt printing for PayByLink bills and a more efficient voucher payment grid.

Zenoti Software’s latest feature launches include cloning of packages, which enables you to create day packages and promo packages, as well as a “deposit collecting function” that helps to safeguard businesses from no-shows and cancellations. 

Salon Iris’s latest update is Custom Online Forms – forms that are easily customisable to suit business needs and cover many aspects, including Covid-19 questionnaires, client intake forms, consultation forms and more.

Salon Tracker’s online booking feature now adds-on extra cleaning time automatically to all appointments and allows clients to make and amend their bookings whenever and wherever they are.

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