42% of spa bookings now being made outside of the traditional 9–5

It seems that clients are more likely to make treatment reservations around their working day as life returns to normal post-pandemic, with new research revealing that 42% of spa and leisure bookings are now being made outside of the traditional 9am–5pm.

The data, conducted by software company Trybe, looked at the future of spa bookings for the latter part of 2021 (analysing 30,000 bookings made between June and September) to see if there were any changes in consumer habits since the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic to the industry.

An incredible 92% of bookings are now being made up to three months in advance, found the report, while spend is 49% higher for bookings made between three and six months ahead and 70% higher for those booked six months or more in advance.

In addition, spas need to focus more on meeting the solo spa visitor’s needs as well, with the average spend on appointments being £89 for one guest compared to £55 each for two guests. 

This may be in part due to redeemed gift vouchers and deals, but this figure also suggests that spas should be looking at creating packages and investing more time on these higher spend customers to attract increased loyalty and revenue,” said Ricky Daniels, founder of Trybe. 

Some spas have been catering to these clients by creating more bespoke packages, with one spa even releasing a Harry Styles-themed spa day featuring watermelon treatments. 

However, 25% of bookings were made last-minute – up to seven days in advance – highlighting the importance of having 24/7 online booking available for customers so they can find these appointments when spa staff and the phone lines may not be accessible. 

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