Nouveau Lashes raises awareness for trichotillomania

Published 07th Jul 2016 by PB Admin
Nouveau Lashes raises awareness for trichotillomania

Carolanne Johnson, content and social executive for Nouveau Lashes, talks about the work the company has been doing with leading beauty bloggers to raise awareness of the condition trichotillomania. 

Nouveau Lashes is working with established beauty bloggers who suffer with trichotillomania to raise awareness of the condition.

Trichotillomania is a body-focused, repetitive behaviour where a person feels compelled to pull their hair out – in many cases, their eyebrows and eyelashes. Though it’s not known exactly what causes trichotillomania, it is usually a way for sufferers to deal with stress and anxiety, though it can also be an addiction or form of self-harm.

Research indicates that one or two in 50 people experience trichotillomania in their lifetime, though as it is such a secretive condition it can often go unnoticed.

Beauty bloggers and trichotillomania sufferers G Beauty Blog and Pretty and Polished frequently write about how they use Nouveau Lashes strip lashes to cover up bald patches and create the appearance of full lashes. They are also part of the Nouveau Lashes brand ambassador group #LashGang.

The brand interviewed the bloggers to raise awareness to those who may not understand the condition and to help others who might be struggling with the disorder.

“It can be such a lonely disorder, with most of your time spent secretly hating yourself and frantically trying to cover up the damage of hair-pulling,” said Sophie Blackwell, author of the blog Pretty and Polished.

“My top beauty tip is to use some good eyeliner and some natural looking false lashes like Nouveau Lashes. It’s amazing how many people you can fool into thinking they are your own.”

Gweni Rees-Evans, author of G Beauty Blog, agreed: “I like to cover up my bald lashes with winged liner and false lashes. The Nouveau Lashes Natural Style 1 are my favourite, they’ve become a genuine life saver for me and I love them to pieces.”

You can read the full interview on the Nouveau Lashes blog or visit the brand’s Striplashes shop here.  

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 07th Jul 2016

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