Sponsored feature: Q&A with Nouveau Lashes’ lash-lifting expert Debbie Law

Published 17th Nov 2016 by PB Admin
Sponsored feature: Q&A with Nouveau Lashes’ lash-lifting expert Debbie Law

We caught up with Nouveau Lashes’ Debbie Law to talk about the lash looks shaping the market, those that are going out of favour and the rise of the UK’s lash competition scene.

What trends are shaping the market at the moment?
There are so many trends but it’s definitely safe to say that our natural lash lift treatment LVL is really popular and I think it’s down to everyone embracing the natural beauty look.

Our classes are always full and I believe it’s because salons recognise the demand for lash-lifting. The treatment is low-maintenance and lasts for a considerable amount of time, making it ideal for those who are short on time.

What types of lashes are going out of favour and why? 
I wouldn’t say anything is particularly going out of favour because lashes are a very individual thing – it all depends on the person and what they like. From my experience, and from what I’ve noticed doing treatments up and down the country, you see regional beauty trends. For example, certain areas prefer something more dramatic while others prefer something subtler.

What are the biggest challenges facing lash techs?
The biggest challenge for most lash techs is not valuing themselves or their treatment skills enough. I see a lot of technicians undercutting their treatment prices and I think this is a confidence issue. That being said, I understand the reason for slashing prices given the amount of competition out there. The best way for lash artists to combat this lack of confidence is to deliver an experience for the client as well as completing a great set of lashes.

If you can build a relationship with the client, then your business will sell itself. In other words, people buy into the therapist and if you’re confident in yourself and your abilities, then you’ll be able to retain customers as well as gain new ones through word of mouth. This is how lash artists can differentiate themselves from the competition.

How is the market going to develop in the next five years? 
It’s hard to say how the market will develop because all it takes is one innovative product and/or treatment to trigger a whole series of changes. That said, I’m excited to see where the industry is going and how we can better our techniques.

One thing I’d like to see grow in the next five years is lash competitions. They’ve started popping up in the UK but I’d like to see more of them because they’re a great place to see the work of other lash techs. It’s also a great tool for inspiring lash artists to make a name for themselves in the industry.

What’s the most common query you get asked as a lash trainer? 
Questions like “How long does it take you to do lashes?” and “How much do you charge?” are the most common ones. Although, one of the best queries I’ve been asked was: “How do you know what size shields to use?”

My answer for that was that it’s all about asking the client certain questions at the consultation stage. For example, I ask if they use mascara and if they do, I look to see if there are little dots on their eyelids from it. If so, then I don’t use a small shield. I also recommend techs look at the client’s brow bone – looking at how straight and down-pointing their lashes are.

How do you update your skill set?
As a trainer, I frequently go on training to make sure I have the most up to date knowledge on lashes. This means I’m always keeping an eye out for the latest developments in lash-lifting across the globe – I once travelled to Russia for training. However, whenever I learn something new I love passing that knowledge on to my students.

You complete a lot of PR treatments for Nouveau Lashes. What does that involve?
When Nouveau Lashes host its monthly press clinic at its Harley Street address, a number of high-level beauty bloggers and editors from various different magazines and newspapers come along to have treatments. On the day, I start with a consultation, talking them through each stage of the treatment and what outcomes to expect from it.

I also work as a brand representative so it’s my job is to build these relationships. After giving them as much information as possible, I’ll give them a goody bag and do a follow-up to see how they found the treatment.

Find out more about Nouveau Lashes lash courses here.

Images: ©NouveauLashes – first image: Debbie Law; second image: LVL treatment 

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Published 17th Nov 2016


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