Support from the product houses you stock

Product houses

What support should I ask for from the product houses I stock?

You may work exclusively with one product line or several, but it’s imperative to maximise your sales of product as much as, if not more than, treatments. Don’t be afraid to chase your brand rep for information if it will help you do this.

Ask them for news of awards they’ve won and press mentions, and use these to create shelf talkers to sit alongside products and draw attention to them. Ask for support for any events you want to hold. For example, they might provide extra samples, auction prizes or even an education rep to give a presentation during the evening.

Use social media to repost and retweet new product launches or award wins from your brands as this will help your followers associate you with them. Don’t forget to tag in the brand too.

Some brands offer co-op advertising. You can use this to maintain awareness of your salon locally but also to harness the established awareness of your product lines to draw consumers into your salon. Build a strong relationship with your brand rep so that you are on their mind when it comes to sharing information.

Abigail SeagallAbigail Segall is director of Freedom PR, which represents brands in the health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle sectors. The company was established in 2001.