The three products that are saving my winter skin...

Last week I noticed the skin on the centre of my forehead and nose had turned rough and flaky – winter had caught up with my face and decided to make its mark. My skin isn’t usually visibly dry but I’m lucky enough to have access to great skincare for every possible ailment, so I put together what I thought would be a winning team: Voya’s My Little Hero serum and the reformulated Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture from Murad.

I’ve been using the serum after cleansing every morning and evening and layering the moisturiser on top in the evenings (it’s too heavy for day time for me). My Little Hero is one of the loveliest serums I’ve used, though it’s actually more like an oil. It smells beautiful with its blend of high quality organic essential oils and is properly relaxing and enjoyable to use, something I can’t say I’ve particularly noticed with other facial oils. One pump is enough for my face and gives just the right amount of “slip” for a quick facial massage in the evening.

After all that nourishment, I feel like a little bit of Murad’s non-greasy but pleasantly rich Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture massaged in locks in the goodness and gives me a barrier of protection overnight. I’m waking up gradually smoother and the flakiness is retreating slowly but surely. Enter my saviour, Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules, which I’ve only been using for about three days but have already made an amazing difference when added into my little cocktail. One tiny capsule is sufficient to coat my whole face – though I focus the oil on the rough patches – in a lovely layer of retinol and antioxidants. Any excess I mix with a little bit of My Little Hero and massage in over the top for a super hydrating treat in the evenings.

I love when you find skincare that really works – I now feel fully equipped to handle whatever winter wants to throw at my skin and will hopefully be gorgeously hydrated and flake-free in time for the PB Awards on Sunday!