4 of the hottest make-up trends for spring/summer 22

Published 07th Apr 2022 by PB Admin
4 of the hottest make-up trends for spring/summer 22

Spring/summer 22 is here and bringing with it a whole host of new looks for clients to try out. Professional MUAs Lan Nguyen-Grealis and Hannah Cunningham talk us through the key SS22 make-up trends your clients will be asking for.

Subtle layering

Minimal make-up

Minimal make-up is on the rise, with clients going back to basics, using products to enhance their natural look rather than cover and correct. “With the rise of natural products and hybrid formulas, make-up is all about the skin, using the essentials to enhance their beauty,” says Nguyen-Grealis.

The key to achieving this barely-there make-up look is all in the application. “With all the formulas now mimicking skin-like texture, the best way to apply is layering, building up on concealer only where needed,” says Nguyen- Grealis, adding, “Enhancing the skin using moisturising primers, highlighters, balmy highlighters, and face mists are all part of making the skin glow and look like skin.”

Glossy and glowing

Glossy skin

Glossy textures have moved on from just the lips, with clients now looking for an all-over gloss. If you find the texture hard to work with, Nguyen-Grealis recommends “tapping with a finger to create areas of shine, like the centre of the eyelids, but not in the creases as this would have to be touched up due to the wet texture.” If your client wants to dip into the gloss trend before trying a full-blown look, go for a more subtle feature. “Try a highlighting balm placed in the inner corner of the eyes or above the cheekbones, or use a balmy lip pencil for a glossy pout,” she suggests.

The glossy look is not just for the face – try using them over the body to give your clients an all-over glow. “On the body, tap it onto high points like the collar bone for a glossy shine, or all over arms and legs for that ultimate glow and sun-kissed legs.”

Nod to the ’90s

90s vampy lip

The ’90s revival continues as dark nudes are set to be seen on the lips, with clients looking for deeper shades that complement their natural lip tones. Working with bold lip colours can be difficult, as you must ensure the colours don’t bleed onto the skin and result in a messy look. “The best way to ensure a balanced lip with the liner on show is to work with the natural lip line and slightly bleed it outside. Start at the bow and round off to the edges to balance with bottom lip,” says Nguyen-Grealis.

To ensure crisp lines that stay all day, her top tip is to “carve out the lip shape with concealer and blot the lips with powder before application.”

Y2K diamanté details

Hannah Cunningham dimanté heart make-up

With shows like Euphoria reviving Y2K beauty trends, it's no surprise that rhinestones are making a comeback for SS22 - just ahead of festival season! MUA Hannah Cunningham recognises the impact of the tv show on make-up trends, sharing that "Obviously the impact of ‘Euphoria’ on the beauty community can’t be ignored and I think it’s so cool to bring back those kitsch elements of early 00s styling."

Cunningham predicts that the diamanté trend will be taken to the next level over SS22, saying "We’re already seeing individual diamantés being used around the eyes, so I don’t think it will be long before they form full shapes and patterns."

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 07th Apr 2022

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