Timely provides £370,000 of financial relief to salons during Covid-19

As suppliers continue to step up to help beauty and hair businesses during coronavirus, software provider Timely has so far provided more than £370,000 worth of financial relief to salons throughout the pandemic. 

The company has provided this relief throughout the lockdowns to more than 15,000 beauty and hair businesses in the UK and Ireland, and has now extended this aid for a further three months while salons are unable to trade.

The financial relief has come in the form of salons putting their accounts on hold while others who have wanted to continue to use the software during lockdown have been given discounts on their subscription.  

Meanwhile, Timely is now giving its platform away for free to businesses currently using pen and paper or on other systems for the duration of Covid-19 lockdown 3.0. 

Timely co-founder and chief executive Ryan Baker believes the industry can do more to support businesses. “Our mission is to grow the value of the beauty industry and increase the wealth of all its participants. However, right now, the beauty industry is in crisis as a result of Covid-19 and the necessary lockdowns,” he said. 

“I’m calling on all beauty industry suppliers to do more to support our industry in the form of financial relief.” 

Last year, Timely announced a partnership with not-for-profit organisation The Help Hub, which has been established to offer free emotional support services to people across the UK. Using the Timely platform people can book a free 20-minute appointment with a trained therapist. 

“It's not just financial distress that's impacting the estimated 50,000 hair and beauty businesses in the UK, it's mental health as well. That’s why I’m proud of our partnership with The Help Hub and our overall focus on wellness,” added Baker.   

What do you make of this support? Tell us your thoughts below. 

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