Why we need to recognise the importance of training for aesthetic treatments

Published 26th Oct 2020 by PB Admin
Why we need to recognise the importance of training for aesthetic treatments

As the beauty industry continues to develop and evolve, consumers are becoming far more educated and demanding, meaning proper in-depth training is more important than ever.

Through training, therapists can feel more confident in meeting the needs of these demanding customers and stand out professionally in an increasingly crowded market.

With a range of products including cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, skincare products and equipment, Shop Beautiful is a new single-source supplier of premium, professional grade beauty brands serving UK beauty professionals.

Training is at the core of Shop Beautiful’s offering as the team believe it is an essential investment in growing and developing as a beauty professional.

Shop Beautiful offers webinars, online resources and face-to-face support to help maximise return from treatments and attract new clients to help grow businesses.

Each training service is designed to provide an enriching learning experience with quality content to ensure a therapist’s confidence in the product and its results.

As part of its launch, Shop Beautiful is offering free training, worth £55, on its exclusive product, BioRePeel. BioRePeel is a treatment for everyday skin revitalisation, giving clients instant and visible results. The treatment is needle, pain and trauma free with little to no downtime, making it perfect for those new to peels or those who want to look and feel refreshed quickly.

The treatment is a one-size-fits-all peel with a blend of pharmaceutically tested vitamins and amino acids that exfoliate the skin with keratolyic action, triggering the biosynthetic process of cell turnover by removing the outer corneal layer cells and promoting the production of collagen. The peel helps to reduce the appearance of fines lines, dark spots, scars and redness to reveal fresh, glowing skin.

Register for free BioRePeel training at shopbeautiful.co.uk

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 26th Oct 2020

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