Crack the client happiness code: transforming the customer experience in your salon

Do you know what your clients want, what they really, really want? We do. In fact, we’ve interviewed hundreds of beauty clients from around the world to find out what they love about a salon or spa experience, as well as what they hate. 

Here are the four most important things they expect from your business:

1. Seamless online booking

Nearly 50% of respondents surveyed said they prefer online booking and many confessed that clunky booking systems or painful phone calls are a turn off. “When it’s hard to book…  it starts the journey with a bad taste,” said one respondent. 

How to make it happen: start the experience off on the front foot, with seamless online booking. Plus, bonus points for automated appointment reminders.

2. A relationship based on trust 

More than 60% listed “a good relationship with my therapist” as the top reason why they returned to a salon. 

How to make it happen: good relationships are based on trust and transparency. Be honest with your client about how much the recommended services will cost and how long they will take. If a client’s requested treatment isn’t available, make sure to manage their expectations. 

3. Quality treatments and services every time

This is a no-brainer – nearly 70% of respondents said quality treatments is their number one reason for rebooking.  

“The best experience is when I come out feeling well, confident and happy, and this feeling lasts,” said one respondent. 

How to make it happen: There’s no better feeling than seeing a client confident, glowing and over the moon with their refreshed skin. Make sure your staff are trained and up-to-date with new techniques, so they can deliver the best possible results for your clients.

4. Recognition of their loyalty

More than 70% told us they’d never visited a salon with a loyalty programme, which is a massive missed business opportunity. 

“I think offering some loyalty or package discount would help. It’s bloody expensive and I would happily go more often if it was more affordable,” said one respondent. 

How to make it happen: Keep your clients coming back with a points system, loyalty card, birthday discounts or a “refer a friend” incentive. Luckily for you, we’ve whipped up a list of loyalty programme ideas to get you started. 

Whether it’s seamless online booking or automated appointment reminders, Timely has all the tools to make delivering an exceptional experience effortless. Start your free 14 day trial

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