UK heat wave sends hydrating skincare soaring

The UK’s five-week heat wave this summer spiked an increase of 3% in hydrating, cooling skincare products during the period, says The NPD Group.

The market researcher also tracked sales of prestige make-up between June 24 and July 28, and saw a 9% rise as beauty consumers preferred to face the heat make-up-free.

Serum sales rose in value by 22% compared to the same period in 2017, while gel-format moisturisers increased by 16%, showing that lighter skincare textures win out in hot weather.

Sales of hydrating facial mists jumped 33% in the five-week period, and sheet masks, often marketed for their moisturising, cooling effects, grew by 39%.

Unsurprisingly, sales of sun protection for the face increased, by 32%, as consumers swapped out foundation for SPF. Foundation sales declined by 9% compared to the same period last year, while concealer was down 24% and eye shadow sales declined by 27%.

Waterproof mascara and long wear lip colour however, increased in sales by 75% and 4% respectively, while make-up setting sprays were boosted by 36% in value.

Helen Duxbury, senior account manager and NPD UK Beauty commented: “The UK heat wave saw some dramatic shifts in consumer spending in the prestige beauty market. Whilst many of these are to be expected, such as a shift to more hydrating, lighter texture skincare and waterproof mascara and long wear lipstick, it was interesting to see the role that face masks played in helping to keep skin cool and hydrated during the summer months. This demonstrates that face masks continue to be a key element of women’s beauty regime.”

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