What are flat lashes and how do I use them in extension treatments?

Published 23rd Nov 2020 by PB Admin
What are flat lashes and how do I use them in extension treatments?

Flat lashes are eyelash extensions with a flat, rhomboid base. Also known as cashmere flat or ellipse lashes (an ellipse is an oval), they have several beneficial qualities that make them different to conventional lashes.

Flat lashes offer better retention due to their wider bonding surface. They’re also lighter, causing less damage to the natural lashes. Flat lashes are intended to be used alongside other types to enhance volume and texture. 

How are flat lashes different from conventional lashes?

As their name suggests, flat lashes are flat and oval-shaped at the base, whereas conventional lashes are rounded. A flat base means a larger, wider surface area, which in turn means the extensions bond more effectively with the natural lashes. Better bonding = lashes that stay in place for longer. 

Another difference between cashmere flat and conventional lashes is the weight. Flat lashes are lighter, offering the width of a 0.15mm lash extension without adding extra weight. 0.15mm thickness flat lashes will feel like 0.07mm conventional lashes. Darker, thicker lash looks can be achieved but won’t feel uncomfortable or damage the natural lashes. This makes flat lashes ideal for clients with thin and/or short natural lashes. 

What are the main benefits of flat lashes?

  • Adhere better to the natural lashes for longer wear
  • Build volume and texture without adding extra weight
  • Allow you to create darker, more dramatic lash looks
  • Lightweight and comfortable, even on short or thin lashes
  • Only a small amount of glue is needed for application

How do you use flat lashes? 

Cashmere flat lashes require a specific application technique with only a tiny amount of glue. Because of their unique base shape, flat lashes should be positioned on the top or bottom of the natural lashes, not at the sides like some conventional lashes can be. 

Flat lashes are not intended to be used as a full set, but as an addition to other lash sets to pump up the volume. This is because flat lashes have a high-gloss finish; too many flat lashes together and you end up with a fake “plastic” effect. For a full but natural look, use cashmere flat lashes to enhance other extensions.  

Quality Beauty Store stocks Lash Esthetics Cashmere Flat Lashes. They have a rhomboid-shaped base that fits perfectly around the natural lashes and stays put. They’re available in Classic and Volume types; C and D Curl; 0.15mm and 0.20mm thicknesses; and 8mm-15mm lengths.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 23rd Nov 2020

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