What’s the best way to prune a male client’s bushy eyebrows?

Male waxing expert Andy Rouillard shares his top tips for taming bushy brows:

A quick eyebrow tidy can make all the difference to a male client’s appearance and confidence and can also be easily added to the end of a facial treatment. So, if it looks like your customer is channeling Bert from Sesame Street in the brow department, here are a few tips for taming the hedgerows while avoiding any unwanted comparisons to Star Trek’s Mr Spock.

First things first, eyebrows come in pairs. Therefore, banishing a monobrow is the quickest and easiest way to knock the years off, but do mind the gap as removing too much hair can have the unfortunate effect of making a client appear permanently startled. Place your thumb above the bridge of the client’s nose and use this as your reference point for what needs to go, then you can fine tune from there.

Also, nobody wants eyebrows that connect with their sideburns so remove rogue hairs from the temples and forehead, but do be wary of plucking too far into the upper brow line as this can look overly sculpted and unnatural on a fella. If your customer has the occasional white hair here and there, tweezing them can make a huge difference to the finished look.

Bushy brows can also be transformed with a spot of prudent pruning. Use scissors to chip carefully into the brow at an angle rather than cutting across the top in a straight line as this gives a more natural finish. It’s also a great way of reducing any bulk if your client has very thick-set brows.

Andy Rouillard is a male waxing expert and owner of both the Axiom Men’s Grooming Salon and The Wax Academy in Basingstoke.