What support should you ask for from your skincare suppliers?

Finding a great new product is only the start. As beauty professionals, and salon and business owners, we need a lot more support than even we might realise.  

Equally important is training, product support and advice, marketing and business support. When you begin to add these items to the mix, your amazing new product can begin to fly, reaching more clients and adding more to your bottom line.

“The old saying in business is still true, ‘a great product in the wrong hands is not a great product’,” says Lucy Barnard from premium beauty supplier Shop Beautiful.  “That’s why we place as much emphasis on a complete package of product and business support as well as supplying innovative new products”.

One Shop Beautiful customer gave this feedback: “We are all beauty experts, but there are still gaps in our knowledge and expertise when it comes to marketing or a detailed technical understanding of exactly how innovative new treatments work. So, we need to find a partner that gives us high-quality support as well as premium quality products”.

How to find a complete package of business support

Barnard adds, “One of our biggest-selling products is BioRePeel, an innovative, biphasic peel treatment, that dissolves bonds between cells allowing it to gently slough off that dulling, top layer of skin, without downtime, to reveal smooth and glowing underneath. But our customers need more than just an amazing new peel treatment. We need to show them how to get the best out of it and help them sell it to their clients.” 

Training and marketing 

“We provide free training and a host of webinars in all of our top products, for the simple reason that we want to enlighten beauty therapists on exactly how the ingredients make a product work so they can get the best out of them for their clients. We also provide commercial advice to help salons maximise their income at consultation and setting treatment plans,” says Barnard. 

“Salons need help, particularly when it’s a completely new treatment. So, for BioRePeel, our customers can download a range of marketing resources, from social media posts to patient leaflets to help promote BioRePeel to their clients.”

Online expert community 

“Something else that has been extremely popular is our BioRePeel Facebook Community group – a private forum where salons can share knowledge with fellow professionals as well as talking directly to the product’s manufacturer for advice and support,” says Barnard.

To find out more about BioRePeel and a comprehensive range of support visit ShopBeautiful.co.uk

This is a sponsored post in association with Shop Beautiful.