The date beauty businesses take the most Christmas salon bookings is…

For UK beauty businesses it seems the Christmas rush is already beginning with new data revealing that October 17 is the day most clients start making their December appointments. 

According to data from 6,000 UK salons, spas and clinics, collected by Phorest Salon Software, the number of average bookings taken by beauty businesses for the Christmas period begin to climb by the third week of October, with the 17th coming out top as the day customers pick up the phone or go online to make their appointment. 

Phorest graph one


By the first week of November, salon appointments almost double the average number of weekly bookings taken, jumping from 9.32 to 17.3 appointments made for the Christmas season, the report found. At the end of November, that figure shoots up to 21.7 bookings. 

Phorest graph 2


“If you want to be the first to secure those Christmas party bookings, you should certainly be sending out your Christmas marketing and promoting your open bookings before December hits, when the number of bookings made at UK salons shoots up to almost nine times the average rate,” said Ronan Perceval, chief executive of Phorest Salon Software.

“Our data also shows that by around December 22, bookings taken drop off dramatically as salon books fill up for the festive season – from Christmas right through to New Year.”

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