Why 33% of Brits are still struggling to book hair and beauty appointments...

Published 22nd Oct 2021 by PB Admin
Why 33% of Brits are still struggling to book hair and beauty appointments...

A third of Brits (33%) are still struggling to book hair and beauty appointments that suit their schedule, according to research of 2,000 UK adults from salon supplier Capital Hair & Beauty, indicating that there may be a golden opportunity here for more mobile and freelance professionals in the industry.

Almost half (46%) would be willing to pay more for at-home treatments – which fits in with more people now doing a hybrid style of working (half at home/half in the office) – while a further four in 10 (40%) would pay up to 20% more for an out of hours appointment (e.g. outside the normal 9–5), the report found.

This isn’t surprising when another survey revealed that 42% of all spa bookings are now being made outside of the traditional 9–5

The research revealed that demand is varied across UK cities too, with Londoners experiencing the greatest shortfall in appointments, with 43% struggling to book in for their favourite services. 

Four in 10 (41%) Mancunions also shared that they can’t get an appointment, making it the second hardest place to book in-salon treatments, the report found. Norwich came in third (34%), Nottingham fourth (32%) and Cardiff fifth (31%). 

When it comes to at-home treatments, those who live in Northern Ireland seem to prefer this option, with 59% of those who live in Belfast opting for hair and beauty appointments in the comfort of their own home.

53% of those in Manchester would also rather have at-home appointments over heading into their usual salon, the report found, while 51% of those in Southhampton feel the same. 

“It’s great to see this demand in the UK for more mobile, independent and freelance hairdressers across the country. Some will prefer to work in a salon and others will like going to their client’s homes for appointments, and this shows that there are plenty of options out there,” said Samantha Shamplina-Burkwood​, marketing manager at Capital Hair & Beauty.

“Freelancing or being a mobile hairdresser can offer people the chance to take charge of their own business and have more flexibility over many aspects of working life such as their hours, creativity, client list and price lists, as well as benefitting consumers.” 

What do you make of the research? Tell us your thoughts below. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 22nd Oct 2021

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