Why CleanLash makes caring for your lash extensions easy

Professional lash brand NovaLash proves that lash extensions are anything but high maintenance by making aftercare simple and easy.

Learn how you can improve your client’s lash extension experience with the brand’s hero product CleanLash pads, explained by the company’s UK director Heather Hughes…

What is CleanLash?

Novalash CleanLash

Lash extensions should not be high maintenance, which is why we’ve created CleanLash – a three-in-one product that removes make-up, cleans lashes and conditions extensions.

CleanLash pads are specially woven, oil-based pads that don’t snag extensions or leave behind fibres.

Each pad removes eye make-up, dirt and debris to keep lashes clean and healthy, while prolonging the life of extensions by conditioning and restoring moisture.


How do I use the product?

CleanLash step 1

Simply use one pad for both eyes every night to keep extensions in tip-top condition.

Take the pad and cleanse the eye area, removing any make-up, and then swipe through extensions.

Complete your nightly skincare routine as normal. Even if you don’t wear eye make-up, nightly cleansing is still advised because extensions collect dirt and debris throughout the day.


What are the benefits?

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CleanLash contains pomegranate seed extract – a natural oil that contains beneficial properties including antioxidants that fight against free radicals. It also aids in stimulating the outer layer of the skin for a more youthful appearance, while nourishing and revitalising lashes.

The pads also extend the wear time of extensions, making infills easier for lash artists, and limits the potential for clients to use their own make-up remover on extensions, which may affect the adhesive bond and cause them to fall off prematurely.

It also gives clients an easy option for cleansing without the use of cotton buds or pads, which get tangled into extensions. Plus, any leftover oil from the pads can be applied to the hands and elbows as the pads are super hydrating, leaving skin soft and nourished.


How should I introduce CleanLash to clients?

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Introducing CleanLash at the start of a consultation will allow you to educate clients on the importance of aftercare from the offset, while demonstrating how low maintenance lash extensions can be with the right products.

You can even treat your client to a sample pad so they can experience the results for themselves.

To find out more about CleanLash or to become a certified lash artist with the brand, visit the NovaLash website.


Heather Hughes

Heather Hughes is UK director for professional lash brand NovaLash.


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