A third of UK women feel judged for tanning

Published 11th Apr 2019 by PB Admin
A third of UK women feel judged for tanning

One in three UK women are being shamed for fake tanning, according to new statistics from tanning brand St Tropez. 

More than half a million UK women have experienced negative comments online for wearing fake tan, with 60% saying insults and judging looks have knocked their confidence, the report found. However, 42% of the women surveyed said they won’t stop tanning because it makes them “look well” and “feel confident”. 

The UK’s tanning habits were also revealed. St Tropez found that those living in Liverpool and the North West are the keenest tanners, with 55% and 48% of women respectively sporting a golden glow, while 73% of women in the South East admit that they never book themselves in for a tan. 

Plus, more than half (55%) of women in Yorkshire get a spray tan before going on holiday, compared to only a third (35%) of those in London.

These insights have led St Tropez to launch a campaign called You Set the Tone, which launches htis week to highlight that tanning is more about how you feel than how you look 

St Tropez’s global marketing and product development director Jacqueline Burchell said: “To maintain relevancy in this ever-changing social world, where we’re moving on from the pressure to portray perfection to a more realistic reality, we’re proud to be embarking on a new motivational campaign which sets out to raise confidence, highlight body positive messages and empower women of all ages. 

The campaign will kick off with the support of ambassadors and influencers, who will share their individual stories about tanning and what it means to them. 

You Set The Tone also has the support of celebrity and charity founder Katie Piper, who said: “I’m backing St Tropez’s You Set the Tone campaign as it’s vitally important for women to feel confident in their own skin and with their own bodies, and if a beauty product or regime can help them achieve this, it can only be positive.

"Tanning doesn’t just add colour, it can also help to even out skin tone, cover up pigmentation or redness, allow you to wear less make up or go without heavy foundations.”

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 11th Apr 2019

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