Are you ready to compete in a lash competition?

Entering your first lash competition can be very daunting if you have never done one before, but as a salon owner I actively encourage my therapists to enter competitions. There are different categories for all levels of experience, usually a beginner, a novice, and a professional or expert division, across multiple categories, so therapists can enter a division where their particular strengths lie. 

There is so much to gain at these competitions for both your therapists and your business. It’s a chance to showcase the skills you have built together. Not only does it reaffirm my belief in my team, I believe it can give the shyer therapists that confidence boost they need.

Lash artists can gain so much confidence from the constructive criticism they get from industry-recognised judges, which can be taken back to their salon and applied on clients. Therapists may also develop a quicker technique through competing. 

Another benefit is that by seeing the latest styles or the hottest adhesive on the market that competitors are using, therapists can bring back the latest trends to your business.

Finally, if your therapists come back with a trophy or certificate, it’s brilliant to showcase across your social media platforms, and to proudly display in your salon. Who wouldn’t want to have their lashes done by an award-winning artist? 

Sarah-Anne BarhamSarah-Anne Barham is owner and UK director of Sarah-Anne’s Beauty Distribution/NovaLash UK and a UK master trainer and brand ambassador for Novalash. She also owns salon Sarah-Anne’s Beauty in Felixstowe.

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