Women in Cardiff most likely to go make-up free

One in five women in Cardiff do not wear make-up on a daily basis, according to new research by cosmetify.com, compared to only 5% of women in Newcastle and Glasgow.

The study analysed the beauty habits of women from across the UK and found that more than a third favour wearing natural make-up as they believe it gives a more youthful look.

On average UK woman wear just five cosmetics each day including moisturiser. This is even lower for women from Newcastle who wear four beauty products, while women from Plymouth wear the most at seven products on average.

The research highlighted mascara as the top go-to product, with 63% of women across the country saying it’s their number one item, while the least reached for item was eyeliner.

The findings also revealed that make-up hygiene is a problem – less than two thirds of women remove their make-up before going to bed, the study found.

 “Although our research shows that for the majority of the country at least 60% of women do always take off their make-up, it’s alarming to see that there’s still such a high proportion who don’t in certain areas," said Isa Lavahun, beauty expert at cosmetify.com.

As well as highlighting the number who don’t remove make-up, the findings also showed that more than 80% don’t clean their brushes on a weekly basis. Those in Manchester are the biggest culprits, with 23% admitting to never washing them.

“In addition to ensuring you properly take off your make-up before going to bed, care is also needed when it comes to applying products. Bacteria builds up in the bristles, which can cause acne breakouts," Lavahun continued.