Specialist salon recycling scheme SalonCycle launches into the UK

Published 26th Jun 2024 by Eve Oxberry

Packaging is one of the biggest sustainability challenges facing the beauty industry. 

To combat the problem, recycling company TerraCycle is bringing SalonCycle to the UK, following its launch in the US.

SalonCycle is a recycling solution to help hair and beauty salons become more sustainable and reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill and incineration by providing a solution to recycle many of the hard-to-recycle types of waste they generate. 
Waste can be collected in a mixed waste box, in which items such as metal cosmetic tubes, plastic pumps, flexible and rigid plastic containers, disposable gloves and masks, empty coffee cups and food wrappers can be collected. 

Hair salons can also order a separate box to collect human hair for recycling.

According to figures from the British Beauty Council, only 14% of hair and beauty industry packaging makes it to the recycling plant and only 9% is recycled, whilst the rest ends up in landfill or incineration.

How does SalonCycle work?

Salons buy SalonCycle boxes, which are shipped to their salon to be placed in high-traffic areas and used to collect the various categories of salon products and packaging.
Once full, the salon sends the box(es) back to TerraCycle using the pre-affixed UPS shipping label.

When TerraCycle receives a box, the waste is sorted, cleaned and processed into raw materials.

Items like plastics, metals and rubber are processed and remoulded to make new recycled products like metal sheeting, flooring tiles, shipping pallets, and outdoor furniture. Human hair is industrially composted.

Boxes are priced at £165 for a large (38 x 38 x 97 cm) Mixed Salon Waste Recycling Box or £59 for a large Human Hair recycling box.

Commenting on the UK launch, TerraCycle Europe general manager Julien Tremblin said, “We are delighted to be launching SalonCycle here in the UK as the amount of waste produced by the haircare and beauty industries is substantial.”

Eve Oxberry

Eve Oxberry

Published 26th Jun 2024

Eve Oxberry is head of editorial for Professional Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine magazines and editor on PB. She oversees the company's print, web and social media content and writes reviews, news, features and more.

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