The future of beauty: AI innovations, health tracking, and sustainable practices

Published 09th Jul 2024 by Erin Leybourne

Biohacking, plant milking, and Femtech will be the future of the beauty industry, according to a new report by cosmetic ingredient distributor Adina.

The Adina Beauty Trends Report explored the hot topics of the past year and anticipated the next steps for beauty.

Next level wellness

More and more, clients are looking at their health span, as well as just their lifespan. Naturally, with the benefits of modern medicine, people are living longer, but clients don’t want to suffer with age.

As they prioritise their wellness, preventative treatments, biohacking, and neuro beauty will see a rise in interest as time goes on. 

Some of the latest trends include cold therapy, light therapy and NAD+ supplementation. These quick-fix bio hacks are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle, with light and cold therapy being great tack-ons at the end of an existing beauty treatment.

To improve longevity, clients are also exploring their diet and exercise, assisted by innovations in technology and artificial intelligence.

Sleep quality as an extension of wellness is also set to rise in interest, with people engaging in ‘sleep tourism’, and spas and hotels offering sleep retreats to help clients to achieve a good rest. The link between sleep and health has long been known, but the advances in technology for tracking, and research into the subject, are set to see consumers prioritising their sleep as a basis for good health.

Alongside sleep tracking, health monitors that offer clients the ability to hyper-personalise health and wellness, are going to optimise the industry.


Artificial intelligence is looking to change the landscape of sustainability in the beauty industry, being utilised from ingredient agriculture, through to maximising the energy efficiency being used to manufacture products.

Plant milking uses aeroponics (a method of growing plants without soil) to extract active ingredients from plant roots. This process is less wasteful than conventional extraction methods by minimising land and water use and is being explored by more beauty brands.

Ultimately, the attitude towards sustainability is expected to change. Consumers are rejecting greenwashing, and they are encouraging brands to make an actual difference. This can be seen in action, as single-use plastics are being phased out for refillable products, and legislation passed to ban invalid claims of sustainability.

AI evolved

Artificial intelligence is integrating into our everyday lives and self-care routines, like apps that personalise workout routines and diets, even delving into the world of therapy and health, with therapy and triage chatbots.
The next step is looking at implantable AI to track health. Research teams have developed a “biocompatible implantable AI platform” that classifies healthy and pathological patterns in biological signals like heartbeats in real time.

As this move to AI happens, there is also a counter-movement that wants to prioritise human connection. The digital world is now key in marketing and promotions, but excessive use of the internet and social media can cause a dip in mental health

The beauty shift

Coined by Ida Tin in 2016, FemTech is the name for a diverse range of solutions aimed at revolutionising healthcare tailored specifically to women’s needs.

Tackling everything from maternal and menstrual health to pelvic wellness, fertility, menopause, and contraception, as well as addressing health conditions disproportionately affecting women, such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, Femtech is going to see a rise in consumption as these concerns gain more awareness.

In recent years, there has also been a move against hyper-consumerism, with education being readily available on the internet, debunking hype around specific beauty products and #deinfluencing. This criticism has prompted the re-assessment of purchasing habits and embracing a more purposeful culture around spending.

Erin Leybourne

Erin Leybourne

Published 09th Jul 2024

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