Two-thirds of TikTok influencers are making skincare mistakes

Published 12th Apr 2024 by Talana Sodiwala

60% of TikTokers are pulling on their skin too harshly when applying products, making it their most common skincare mistake according to a new study from salon software brand Fresha.

Fresha counted up the frequency of common application mistakes creators made across 100 of the most popular TikToks tagged #GRWM (get ready with me) and #skincareroutine. 

Skipping important skincare steps or layering skincare products in the wrong order were the second biggest issue, with 54% of TikTok creators seen doing this. 

The most skipped products were cleanser and toner.

The third most common mistake was not applying products to the chest or neck, with 54% of influencers seen skipping this. 

What are the most common skincare mistakes? 

It’s important to be gentle when applying products. Fresha experts explained, “When rubbing in moisturiser, skincare serums or sunscreen, it’s important to do so in circular motions or to tap it in lightly, as pulling on the skin can make it harder for products to absorb and can cause irritation or dryness.” 

Not cleansing or washing your face properly can also cause problems. “Skipping products means you miss out on benefits like removing residual dirt, oil, and debris from the face.”

It’s also important to layer skincare in the right order – for example, applying sunscreen before moisturiser can reduce the effect of SPF. 

In addition to this, the study showed that 22% didn’t even apply SPF after their morning skincare routine, leaving the skin unprotected and exposed to sun damage, increasing the risk of skin cancers.

Delicate areas like the neck and chest also need special attention because they’re more prone to showing signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. 

Other common mistakes spotted across the skincare routines were putting unclean fingers into product jars, with over a third (36%) of creators doing this, and 30% of videos saw creators wash their face using either too hot or too cold water.  

What are the most common makeup mistakes?

80% of TikTok creators are applying foundation incorrectly by not blending it into their neck, according to Fresha’s study.

The next most common make-up mistakes were applying too much concealer under the eyes (50%) and not prepping skin before applying makeup products (48%).

Also among the most prevalent errors were cross-contaminating products, typically by dipping the same beauty tool (blender or brush) into numerous jars or palettes, with two-fifths (46%) of creators found doing so. 

Meanwhile, 38% were using dirty makeup brushes.

Celebrity skincare routines

As well as looking at TikTok uploads from creators, the analysis also looked at which mistakes are made in celebrity makeup and skincare routines on YouTube – and it turns out that not even celebs with dermatologists and makeup artists to advise them are getting things right.  

80% of the celebrities pulled on their skin when applying product, while 50% don’t apply SPF, according to Fresha.

On the makeup front, almost 70% applied too much concealer. 

Singer Tate McRae had the skincare routine with the least mistakes, only guilty of applying skincare products in the wrong order and pulling on the skin.

However, singer Billie Eilish was deemed to have the skincare routine with the most mistakes – making seven out of the 10 skincare mistakes.

Actor Alexa Demie had the best makeup routine as she only made two mistakes (cross-contaminating products and using too much concealer), while singer/actor Hailee Steinfeld made the most makeup errors (six out of the 10).

Speaking on the findings, Fresha said, “While making mistakes in your skincare and makeup application routine are easily rectified, it’s important that you learn what the effects are of things like putting products on in the wrong order, skipping them altogether, or using inappropriate products as substitutes for others. 

“This is because many conventional beauty and skincare products may contain harmful ingredients like parabens and synthetic fragrances, which can exacerbate skin issues and trigger allergies. 

“Pursuing cruelty-free products wherever possible is also recommended, and don’t get lured into buying cheaper products from creators’ ads or sponsorship deals that don’t have their ingredients clearly listed.” 

Talana Sodiwala

Talana Sodiwala

Published 12th Apr 2024

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