3 ways to change your treatment menu and marketing, ready for reopening

You may have enhanced your skills through lockdown or decided to stop offering treatments that don’t give you joy. Now is the time to plan for those first few critical weeks, which will be fundamental to drive revenue.

Ask yourself: 

1. What brings you the most profit?

Look at your treatment menu – which treatments bring in the best revenue with minimal costs? These are the best ones to focus your efforts in the first weeks. Start marketing and promoting these services now to get your clients interested and booking.

2. What do your clients want right now?

Where will your focus be when reopening – encouraging self-care and wellness or catering for clients who still have big life events such as weddings? 

If you want to focus on self-care, you will be promoting treatment plans for wellbeing and time out, such as massage harnessing the benefits of aromatherapy. Eve Taylor London has a range of specially pre-blended aromatherapy oils perfect for that. 

However, for those who still have special occasions, it may be nails or lashes you will be concentrating on. Now is the time to ask your clients what they want, then balance your marketing to focus on the treatments that meet that client need but also bring the maximum profit for your business.  

3. Do you offer packages for friends?

As restrictions continue to be eased, plan packages that will allow friends to socialise together, as well as spend time having treatments. This will depend on your set-up and feasibility but creating a “bring a friend” package will help to bring in much-needed revenue as people seek new ways to meet up with the friends and family they’ve missed seeing during lockdown.Why not have a package that includes time together in a relaxing room? Or “book two facials at the same time and receive complimentary eye treatments or foot massages” could be one way to entice bookings.

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