3 ways to help clients treat “lockdown skin”

Published 19th Jan 2021 by PB Admin
3 ways to help clients treat “lockdown skin”

January is often a time of reflection, with pledges and resolutions for self-improvement, but this year feels different. With the ongoing situation leading us to spend more time indoors through on/off lockdowns and restrictions, this can lead to a stressed complexion.

Here are three ways to treat lockdown skin on your clients and your teams:

Helping anxiety 

The emotional and mental impacts the pandemic is having on our lives is causing many of us to be overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety. This can often lead to stress and restless sleep, which take their toll on the skin.

Advise clients to use the grounding actions of essential oils to balance the emotions, give a feeling of support and improve wellbeing. 

There are various methods of harnessing the power of aromatic oils but a simple yet effective way is by using a diffuser unit to vaporise the chosen blend into the air, allowing them to inhale the aromatherapy benefits throughout the day.

Essential oils such as rosewood help to comfort the emotions and hush the mind, while rose oil gently soothes the senses and allows the burdens and emotional frustrations of the day to gently ebb away.

Look out for a blend like Eve Taylor London’s ‘Hug in a Bottle’ Diffuser Blend, which comforts, helps to reduce anxiety and gives the feeling of a hug in a bottle at times of reduced tactile contact.

Dehydrated skin from indoor central heating

As we stay at home, many of us crank up the central heating to keep warm. Doing so introduces dry air into our homes and working environments, depleting essential moisture from the skin and leading to dehydration, with tightness, itching and irritation just some of the effects we may experience. 

Solution: Tell clients to introduce more water and moisture. While increasing consumption of water will always benefit us, the skin is the last organ to receive this hydration, so the use of correct, topically applied products is essential. 

Applying serums rich in hyaluronic acid will benefit the skin greatly by infusing moisture into the top layers. Take a look at Eve Taylor London’s Hydrating Serum; this moisture-packed formula contains hyaluronic acid as its upper ingredient, which holds up to 1,000 times its own weight in moisture to bind it to the skin’s surface and distribute it where it is needed, hydrating the skin and giving a healthy, dewy, plumped appearance.

Improving the effects of a sedentary lifestyle

With therapists unable to work, and many clients also being furloughed, staying at home is leading to a more sedentary lifestyle and the accumulation of toxins from less physical activity and consumption of more food and drink during lockdown days, leading to a bloated skin appearance.

Solution: Invigorate and detoxify the body with dry body brushing and essential oils.Dry body brushing is like a mini work out for the skin on the body; firm bristles invigorate and stimulate the skin, increasing the circulation and assisting with the elimination of waste fluid by enhancing the lymphatic system to give a refreshed skin appearance.

Not only does dry body brushing improve the appearance of the skin but leaves it feeling soft, smooth and prepared for the application of body moisturiser. Try Eve Taylor London’s Dry Body Brush for superior soft invigorated skin.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 19th Jan 2021

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